Firms information

Our Company is located in community Érsekhalma, in county Bács-Kiskun in about 8 hectars territory. Production of pallets is effectuated in a coverd hall of 3000 m2.

Working up of 100-120 m3 logs daily is made on the very modern machines “STORTI” and “PRIMULTINI”. Nailing the elements will be made by an fully automated machine type “CAPE”. By shifts about 2000 pcs MÁV-EUR standard pallets can be produced.

euro-pallets-1160806_1920We are dealing with wodds chopping as well. Daily 10-12 pcs of full truck’s quantity we produce in firewood. Transport is despatched by our firmsgroup.

We sell in the whole year firewood ready for stove (acacia, oak) on pallets in Kiskunmajsa
Contact by phone : 00 36 20/7722069, 00 36 20/7722067